It would be more profitable for us certainly. (Our albums are hand made, sourced from Europe and all are guaranteed for 99 years)

However, in over ten years photographing weddings, we have learned time and time again that ‘digital only’ packages are a very bad idea for two reasons.

One: ┬áthe vast majority of couples have very good intentions to do lovely things with their wedding pictures on digital. Perhaps they intend to print them and make books out of them or maybe just store them and put their favourites on Facebook. in reality, what mostly happens is that people don’t get the time to make prints and books. If they do, the prints aren’t terribly good because cheap high street printing can’t be expected to be as good as a professionally hand finished print. The ones stored on the computer, largely get lost in the hard drive somewhere and those on Facebook, well, Mark Zuckerberg has the rights to the fate of those of course.

Two: The main reason we stopped offering digital only packages? No one knows whether we will be able to view our images in ten years from now. ten short years from now, when the kids are not even teenagers, there is a very real possibility that your digitals from the wedding will be gone forever. Apple phased out DVD players from its computers a couple of years ago, it’s doing the same to usb this year. Hard drives in computers are changing over to solid state drives (SSD) and we already know that smart mobile devices (phones, tablets) are no good for storing printable files, only smaller files suitable for social sharing. So where will you store your digitals and be sure to be able to view them in ten years? The cloud maybe? We can’t be certain though.

What we do know is that professionally finished prints, like the way our books are made, will last forever. (Well, 99 years…. long enough to be handed down to the next generation)

Madison Bou as a company was founded on quality. We would rather give our digitals away with an album and ensure that you get something that will last forever. It’s what your wedding deserves.