Do you have professional insurance?
Yes – Both public liability and business insurance. In fact, most venues require such insurance in order to work in them.
Do you do Engagement shoots?

Yes – Absolutely.

Engagement shoots are included in all our packages and  we consider the vital to getting great pictures on your actual wedding day. think of it like a rehearsal for an actor.

What time do you arrive on the day?

Early. We like to arrive in plenty of time for the bride getting ready pictures. It gives us time to get to know the bridal party and also take great pictures of all the important details such as the dress, the flowers, shoes, gifts, perfume, rings etc.

How long do you stay for in the evening?

Late. At least until after the first dance and often later than that.

Do you do a photobooth?

Well, sort of. Actually we offer a service whereby we set up a mini studio, with professional lighting and everything is controlled by us. This way we can ensure super high quality studio style pictures of all your guests. We find this is so much better than the results achieved from the ‘photobooth’ style setups which are largely controlled by the guests. Feedback we’ve had over the years suggests that guests absolutely love the results and the interaction with a professional photographer. Like added entertainment for the evening.

Do you do Formals?

Yes. – Clients book us for our more contemporary style and that means we spend less time doing dozens of ‘line up’ formals. That said, weddings are the perfect opportunity to photograph family members together – We just tend to photograph our formals in a more relaxed way. It’s less about ‘who was there’ and more about capturing the personalities of each family member. You can see how we approach our ‘formals’ in the portfolio section of this website.

How many photos do we get?
Gosh, that’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. It depends on how many guests you have and what happens on the day. Every wedding is different. On average we deliver around 1000 fully edited images from our weddings.
When do we see our pictures?

You may see some sneek peeks in the evening on a slideshow since we try and do a ‘story of the day’ for the evening guests arrival.

The fully edited images you’ll get to see when you return from your honeymoon, or around two weeks after your wedding.

Do you do albums and frames?

Yes. We are a full service studio. our aim is to provide you with your wedding images in a way that will last for the rest of your lifetime and beyond.

Not many people realise that digital doesn’t last. (dvd, usb, spinning hard drives are all being rapidly made obsolete. We estimate that your high resolution jpegs will last 5-10 years.)

Our printed albums are guaranteed for 99 years. Frames too will last for decades. This is why all our packages come with a wedding album as well as the digitals.

Do you do Bridal boudoir shoots?

Yes. In fact, some years ago we started getting asked by our brides for this type of service as a special gift for the groom and we created an entire studio out of the art. Madison Bou for boudoir was born. Hair and make-up is always included on these shoots.

Find out more about our Bridal Boudoir Photoshoots by clicking on our Boudoir Website : MADISON BOU PHOTOGRAPHY