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You may have noticed that many wedding photographers don’t post package prices on their websites. With good reason. After all, when was the last time you looked for a wedding photographer? Never, right? If you don’t know what to look for then the only thing you have to compare one wedding photographer to another is price. How much for digitals? How much for 100 pictures? How many pictures do you get for £500? How many hours do you do? Is it cheaper if the wedding photographer just photographs the ceremony? Is it cheaper if the wedding photographer just gives a usb stick with digitals?

These are the kind of questions we get asked time and time again and if you’ve never looked for a wedding photographer before, these are perfectly valid questions to ask.

Well, you could skip straight to the pricing below if you wish, but please  read the answers to these questions first. With more than a decades experience photographing weddings we can offer some valuable insight.


Make a shortlist of wedding photographers based on whether you love their pictures. We all put our best work online, that’s obvious, so if we can’t move you with our best work, how can you expect to be moved when we photograph your wedding? it really is that simple. Don’t care much for the photography? Skip on to the next photographer until you find a style you love. Then, make sure that the photographer you love actually has enough experience to photograph your wedding. Make sure you get to see some entire weddings from start to finish to make sure they have no ‘gaps’ in their skill-set.

Once you’ve found a photographer who’s pictures you love, phone them and get to meet them. They’ll probably be spending more time with you than anyone else on your most important day so at least make sure you like them (at least a little)

So…. Love the pictures? Like the photographer? Then onto the price…



  • Engagement Shoot
  • Web Gallery with slideshow
  • 20 Page Wedding Album 20×20
  • All Digitals from the wedding day


  • Engagement Shoot (All digitals included)
  • Web Gallery with slideshow
  • story of the day 5 minute animated slideshow
  • 40 Page wedding album 30×30
  • 2 x Parent copy albums 20×20
  • The Madison Bou ‘Mini Studio’
  • All digitals from the Engagement and Wedding Day

In addition to our wedding services above we can also supply hair and make-up throughout the day (Ask for details on this)

THE MADISON BOU MINI STUDIO which is included in the ‘Black’ Package above can be added to the Gold and Platinum for an additional fee of £300

Madison Bou is a full service photography studio and as such offers a wide range of products to display your wedding photography. As well as album upgrades, we also have a wide variety of wall art and boxed prints. You’ll see a selection when you come and visit us at your wedding appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you stay?

We stay all day until we’ve covered what we need. We arrive for Bridal prep and stay till at least the first dance. Often later.

How many pictures do you provide?

That’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. It depends on what’s going on and how many guests you have at your wedding. We never stop photographing though so, it’s a lot and they’re all to the same quality as any of the pictures on this website. (expect around 1000 images)

Why don't you offer a 'digital only' package?

We always deliver digitals and a wedding album. It’s no cheaper to just deliver the digitals and the reason for this is that we know after talking to dozens of brides over the years that life gets in the way after the wedding and even though you have good intentions to do something with your pictures, 99 percent of the time, weeks turn into months and before you know it the digitals remain on the hard-drive somewhere. Five years from now, what if computer hard drives, usbs, dvds and smartphones change format? What if you can’t view your pictures anymore because technology moves on so fast?

Our wedding albums are guaranteed for 99 years so we can say with absolute confidence that a wedding album will easily outlast your digitals and that’s why we always include an album.

Do you offer a photo booth?

Yes. Well, sort of. Our version is called a ‘mini studio’ and we control the lights and the taking of the pictures. You get better results that way. It’s included in the black package and a £300 upgrade in the Gold and platinum packages.

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