Think of engagement rather like the rehearsal for an actor. An engagement photoshoot can be in any location and is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other.  It’s also the perfect way to get rid of you ‘camera face’ (we all have one) and start to relax and look completely comfortable in front of the camera. Rather get the camera nerves out of the way a few weeks before the wedding than have them on the day itself. The bonus is that every couple absolutely loves their engagement pictures and this will boost your confidence for the main event.





We always arrive early. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know many of the main family members and friends at the wedding. It also means that by the time we reach the ceremony itself, the entire bridal party will have adjusted to the fact that the photographer is in the background and this means more natural pictures all round. During the early stages of the day, we photograph all the little but important details. The Dress hanging up, the shoes, flower girls getting ready, the flowers arriving, the gift exchange (“Has he bought me a Rolex, oh please let it be a Rolex!” ), Mum’s hat in the hat box, The champagne, the laughter, the nerves, the excitement. Of course, it’s not all about the girls. The boys are covered too. Cufflinks, comedy tie tying, last minute shoe cleaning and the football on in the background. These pictures from early on are often some of the most loved of the day. After all, neither bride nor groom gets to experience what the other is doing, except through these pictures.


The groom’s nervousness as he looks at his watch. The best man sharing a private joke. The walk down the aisle … This is the part of the day you’ll want to remember most. What goes through your mind as you see each other for the first time on the wedding day. It’s always magical. Every ceremony is so totally different even though the structure is the same. This part of the day is all about the emotion. All about the expressions.


Over the years we’ve developed a way to do formals a little differently to other wedding photographers. Rather than just line groups of guests up and photograph them we try and make these pictures stand up as great moments in their own right. We’ve learned how to get people where we want them to be, effortlessly and without fuss. We know that endless formals can really drag on and stop people from the serious business of enjoying themselves. We take time to talk through the formals several weeks before the wedding and offer our advice on how to make this part of the day fun and upbeat. We help to ensure your day runs smoothly and all your guests remain comfortable and wait around for the minimum time.


Years ago when we first entered the world of wedding photography, everything was very ‘formal’. Endless lines of cheesy, smiling uncles and aunts and stiff bride and grooms staring at the camera. No doubt and entire generation of brides are still suffering with a face that’s been solidified into that ‘wedding smile’. Our style quickly evolved into a more relaxed, upbeat style of portraiture and we began to ask our couples for more and more time together on the day to create these pictures.  At the engagement shoot, we form a great working relationship based on trust and on the day, our couples are more than happy to give us all the time we need to wander around the wedding venue and photograph them looking amazing. A wedding is, after all, about two people getting married and the love they share. Whilst we work fast (That comes with years of experience) we also work to ensure we capture amazing images of the most beautiful couple.


we call this part, ‘The Wows’ because… well WOW!

This is the time after the ceremony we spend with you and create special pictures of the two of you together as a married couple in love for the very first time. These pictures will always make you go Wow!

Most often, we’ll spend some more time with you a little later in the day to create some twilight and evening ‘Wows’


You can often spend days, weeks, months, collecting all the details for the most special day. Coming up with theme ideas and colour schemes. They say ‘the devil is in the detail’ – We think the details can really make the wedding… the dress embroidery, the label on the shoes, how the flowers are tied together, the two rings next to each other, the groom’s coloured socks, the bride’s lace garter or seamed stockings. The gifts, the signing board, the church interior, the petals on the ground from the flower girls, the gourmet food carefully laid out on the plate, the scribbled speeches laying on the table…. The entire wedding can often be told by the details alone. This is why we photograph everything we see and as beautifully as we can. We love details.


During the meal we’ll set up the madison Bou ‘Mini Studio’ if you’ve booked one and prepare a slideshow for your evening guests to enjoy but we’ll always be ready to cover all the wonderful things that happen leading up to the first dance and often beyond.


More and more couples are asking about a stylised shoot after the wedding. Fresh from honeymoon and with a holiday tan, this is the perfect excuse to wear your super special ‘once in a lifetime dress’, one more time.


Every package we offer comes with a beautiful handmade wedding album from one of the best album makers in Europe. Our albums are guaranteed for 99 years and are the true heirlooms you’ll present to the next generation. the images in the albums are all enhanced to perfection and laid out in a storybook manner so you’ll be able to relive the memories of your most special day for many years to come.

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