Why do we provide engagement shoots for all our couples?

quite simply because we want to ensure you feel comfortable being photographed on the day. Think of an engagement shoot like a rehearsal for an actor. We all have a ‘camera face’ – The face we turn on for the camera. It’s often not flattering and un-natural. We want you to look completely at ease with natural expressions in front of the camera. We’ve spent many years developing the art of making people comfortable when being photographed. During the week we run an established portrait studio which specialises in photographing women who approach us to help them feel beautiful again. We have great experience photographing people with insecurities and body issues and everyone leaves the session feeling empowered and super confident. It’s that confidence we want to bring out in you during your engagement shoot so that when you walk down the aisle you’ll know just how good you look and the photography from the day will be considerably better because of it.

Not only is it a kind of ‘rehearsal’ for you both but the engagement shoot is also a perfect opportunity to get to know a little more about you. Your life, your loves, what kind of pictures inspire you, what the wedding day plans are and who the main guests are at the wedding that you’d like me to document. (If you have children, bring them along to the engagement session as well) The more we get to know each other before the wedding day, the better your pictures will be.

A wonderful bonus from the Engagement shoot is that many couples love the opportunity to be photographed in a less formal environment. It’s a way to document the two of you, very much in love, yet away from the formality of the wedding day.

Many couples love their pictures from this session so much they use the images for personalising invitations, signing boards, guest books and favours and as a full service studio, we also have a large range of books, boxed prints and wall art as well. (Click HERE for more info)